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Logograph is equipped with the latest computerised engraving machinery. This page aims to give you an idea of the wide variety of materials and products that can be engraved efficiently and accurately. We can engrave practically anything and have the experience and skills to help design your product and recommend methods of manufacture to reduce your costs.

If you require a simple text label, sign or plaque see Labels page for a quick guide to our pricing, available colours etc.

Dials, Rules, Gauges and Indicators

Engraved dials









Dials, rules, gauges and indicators are produced using precision computerised engraving technology to the highest standards.

Any quantity may be ordered - from a single item to hundreds of a particular product.

We will work closely with you to ensure that we achieve the perfect dial, rule, gauge or indicator using the most appropriate engraving methods and materials for the job at the most competitive rates.


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Mimic Panels - Instrument Control Panels and Fire Zone Panels

Mimic panels, Instrument control panels, fire zone panels


Logograph has many years experience in manufacturing mimic panels for instrument control panels and fire zone panels.

Whether you require assistance in designing and creating panels for a prototype product or would like a precise copy of your existing design, we have the experience, skills and equipment to help you achieve the highest standard product.

Control panels for machinery can be routed to take switches and dials.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Switch Plates, Grid Plates, Switches, Spurs & Electrical Components

Engraved switch plates, grid plates, spurs and electrical  components


Switch plates, grid plates, switches, spurs and electrical components can all be engraved to your specifications.

We can source or manufacture the products for you or engrave components that are supplied by you.





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Profile Milling - Routing and Enclosure Machining

Profile milling, Routing, enclosure machining


Logograph can produce the most complex enclosures machined to take component parts - either by precisely following your design or by working with you to help design your product.

The result will be a professionally finished product, well designed for its purpose.

Contact us discuss your requirements




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Logos, coats of arms, machine diagrams, pictograms and schematics


We can engrave the most complex of images onto practically any medium that you require.

Images such as coats of arms, machine diagrams, pictograms and schematics can all be precisely engraved. Images can be scanned or your own design can be supplied on CD or floppy disc. Most computer files can be imported and converted, if necessary, to suit our machines.

Most fonts are available, including true type fonts. We can work in any language that you require.

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Safety Signs and Labels

Safety signs and labels - plaques door signs, badges, electrical labels, desk signs


Plaques, door signs, badges, information panels, electrical labels, hydraulic labels, architectural labels and signs, commemorative plaques, desk signs, directory signs, traffolite labels, consecutively numbered labels, safety signs and labels -

Logograph can produce any type of sign and label that you might require.

We can recommend the correct materials and engraving and fixing methods for your sign depending on where it is to be used.


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Reverse Engraving

Reverse Engraving - particularly useful in the food industry


Most engraving is carried out on the top surface of a job and can only be one colour. In reverse engraving, however, a special laminate is used that is engraved on the rear and filled with special coloured fillers.

The working side of the product is smooth and flat and can be multi-coloured.

Reverse engraving was developed for use in the food industry where cleanliness is of prime importance.



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Valve Tags - Valve Identification Discs and Key Fobs

Valve tags, valve identification discs, key fobs

High quality valve identification discs and key fobs can be produced to your specifications.

We have a large range of colours and fonts and designs for you to choose from.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a very competitive quote for your work.




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